Get Planning – Easter is here!

It’s that time again. The sun is out, the summer is beckoning and your imagination is at you. How will you make the most of the season? Simple. It starts here. Whether it’s leisure, or quality time, it’s easily achieved. With a little planning, cycle trips are the perfect activity for a family or with a loved one. It could be lemonade and sandwiches, or a pizza and a glass of wine, laughter and romance are guaranteed. If your planning to take a bike out of the shed, then get it checked to see are the tyres pumped up, and are the brakes working.

Bike shops can be very busy this time of year with a lot of bikes coming out of hibernation, so do ring ahead and schedule your visit if you can. It’s a great way to avoid poor treatment at the hands of stressed mechanics! Usually it’s very inexpensive to get a bike up and running again – provided it was going ok when it was parked up – a little spruce is all they need. If you don’t have a bike, or are in the market for one, then fret not. Selecting a bike is easy. Consider when and where you want to cycle. See what colours are available in the various models. Pick and choose the features you care about. Select a bike that’s a comfortable fit and add a basket for your picnics or accessories. Pick up some nice gloves to keep your hands warm when you’re out and about. Most importantly ask questions and take your time!

Keep an eye on the blog, we’ll have lots of great ideas for trips and days out. It’s the go to place for your inspiration and information. We’ll have everything from lemonade recipes to event announcements, and we’ll have a list of Irish dealers up very soon. You can always ask us questions directly via the website here. Pashley owners are a fantastic bunch and we encourage users to comment and converse. Share your passion for the lifestyle. We’d love to share your experiences, photos, or stories!