It’s freezing cold!

Be careful on the bike! This time of year is for the hardy riders. Beware of cold or icy conditions early in the morning and remember shady patches can offer a shelter for ice and frost! We recommend checking your tyre condition to keep you safe. The tread pattern of your tyres should be clearly visible. If the grooves are fading it’s definitely time to replace your tyres!

Be mindful on the roads, the low sun will often be blinding at this time of year, and even if its behind you it may be shining into wing mirrors and blinding motorists. Assume you haven’t been seen by other road users and pedestrians, be ready to stop if necessary, and arrive safely.

Gritted roads may be a godsend, but you should know that the grit can play havoc with your bike. Protect your chain with suitable lubricant. The bike shops will know exactly what you need and can show you how to apply cycle oil properly and safely. Be sure to clean your bike regularly at this time of the year as it protects your bike and keeps it fresh and awesome.